Clinical Ethics

Human Values and Ethics Committee

Ethics involves the study and application of "right" conduct. When a person asks themselves, "What ought I to do" and they are concerned that their actions might be wrong or are having difficulty working through the moral or values dimensions; they are likely to be asking an ethical question.

The Center focuses on providing assistance and resources at critical times to patients, families, hospital staff, medical students, residents, physicians, and other individuals.

Ethical dilemmas arise in the hospital setting because we are faced with making decisions that reflect our core beliefs and values.

The Center promotes ethical decision-making that is guided by moral principles and values, such as respect for persons, justice, and compassion. The Center does not tell people what to think, but rather, tells people what to think about in making ethical decisions.

Human Values and Ethics Committee

The purpose of the Human Values and Ethics Committee is to serve as an advisory body to the hospital's administrative and medical staff on matters relating to ethical aspects of patient care at Memorial Medical Center.

Functions of the Human Values and Ethics Committee are case review and clinical ethics consultations, education, policy and guideline development.

The Human Values and Ethics Committee meets once a month for approximately two hours. The Committee is an interdisciplinary group with representation from administration, medical staff, pastoral care, residents, medical students, clinical ethics center staff, nurses, social services, and the community-at-large. All disciplines are welcome.