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Patient Care Tower

Memorial Medical Center Front EntranceEvery decision involved in the Patient Care Tower was meticulously analyzed and designed to support healing and create the best possible environment for both our patients and our staff. Guided by proven, leading healthcare research, it's the attention to these details that make Memorial an even greater place to give and receive care.

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Highlights of the Patient Care Tower

  • 114 private patient rooms for Orthopedic, Cardiac and Intermediate Care patients
  • Larger patient rooms and safer bathrooms 
  • Comfortable accommodations for family members and visitors 

The Purpose Behind Our Design

Members of our nursing team, along with a variety of departments such as Environmental Services, Pharmacy and Infection Prevention, were involved in the design of the new patient floors to help develop ways to improve patient outcomes and deliver the greatest care possible. 

Standardized Facility Layouts

Patient floors and rooms are designed with “zones” that ensure everyone involved in a patient’s healing has the tools and space they need. Family and visitor space, caregiver space, equipment areas and staff support areas are designed and arranged to make delivering—and receiving—care safer, more efficient and more private.

Efficient Work Areas

By strategically positioning technology and equipment throughout each unit, increasing hallway space, modifying the layout of our nurse stations and re-designing supply and medication features, we’ve created a more effective workplace for our staff. Convenient areas for patient charting help promote quicker documentation and result in more time for caregivers to spend with their patients.

Benefits of Private Rooms

By focusing on the specific needs of our patients, we have designed a facility that will provide a better overall healing environment and, in turn, greater peace of mind for both patients and their loved ones.

Increased Privacy

Patients often are expected to share highly personal information about their health. Private rooms ensure our patients can talk openly with their caregivers.

Enhanced Safety

Private rooms help lower the risk of hospital-acquired infections. With fewer people in and out of the room, patients are more protected from germs. Additionally, the increased size of our patient rooms allows staff to administer more care at the patient’s bedside, requiring fewer transfers to other parts of the hospital. Features throughout each room—including the bathroom—are all deliberately designed to protect patients from slips or falls.

A More Restful Environment

When you’re hospitalized, you need all of the rest you can get. A private room creates a peaceful environment more conducive to rest and, ultimately, healing. As an additional step to promote rest, we’ve installed observation windows for our staff to continue monitoring patients without disturbing them. In-room supply and medication cabinets can be stocked from the hallway, reducing the number of staff who are in and out of the patient’s room.

Improved Accommodations for Guests

A patient’s support system—family members and other loved ones—is a valuable part of his or her care team. When loved ones are close, stress and anxiety are reduced and communication improves, benefiting both the patient and the caregivers. Our new private patient rooms include comfortable space for visitors, Wi-Fi, storage space and accommodations for a loved one to stay with the patient around the clock, if desired.