Patients & Visitors

Mission & Vision

The healing process for patients at Memorial Medical Center has many facets. As Chaplains, we are spiritual care providers who nurture the spiritual element of the healing process. We are part of the interdisciplinary healthcare team that cares for the whole person. This approach recognizes that if a person believes a spiritual connection is important, then it is important in the healing process. As Spiritual Care providers, we help our patients stay connected to their spiritual community, their spiritual practices, and provide pastoral counsel when desired by our patients for reconnection with or to bring to remembrance their spiritual strength.

We also provide a safe space for our patients to explore a wide range of emotion. We provide the compassion and encouragement our patients need to draw upon their spiritual strength and foster a positive attitude toward their outcome. Our Chaplaincy team is also dedicated to the family members of our patients as well as our Memorial Medical Center employees.

Pastoral Care Department Mission and Vision:

To inspire the conscious integration of the spiritual, cultural and emotional needs of the diverse communities we serve.