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Chaplain & Certification Requirements

Memorial Medical Center's Pastoral Care Department is staffed by four full-time, board-certified Chaplains (Association of Professional Chaplains). The requirements for board certification are as follows:

  • Educational Requirements: Bachelor's Degree and a theological education at the graduate professional level, which involves a minimum of 72 semester hours or 108 quarter hours of credit. This must include a graduate theological degree (Master's of Divinity or equivalent) and be completed at a school accredited by the Association of Theological Schools or one of the regional Association of Colleges and Schools ( or equivalent.
  • Four units of clinical pastoral education (CPE provided by the ACPE, CAPPE or NACC), which usually includes a one-year residency in a healthcare setting for those pursuing hospital chaplaincy
  • Documentation of one year (2,000 hours) full-time chaplaincy experience after completion of residency
  • Ordination or commissioning to function in a ministry of pastoral care
  • Ecclesiastical endorsement by a recognized faith group for ministry in a specialized setting.
  • Complete application process, which verifies all of the above and requires three recommendation letters
  • Meet and satisfactorily complete an APC-appointed board which evaluates all of one's academic and clinical training as they relate to board-certified Chaplain competencies (

For further inquiries concerning chaplaincy and certification, please see these Web sites: