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Medical Students and Residents

Memorial Medical Center is a teaching hospital affiliated with SIU School of Medicine. This means that Memorial provides facilities for the medical education of students and resident physicians of SIU. Almost all of our staff physicians are faculty members in the medical school.

The SIU medical students receive their training in clinical medicine under the careful supervision of faculty physicians. These students displayed academic excellence as college students and were selected from hundreds of applicants after an evaluation of their college records, medical aptitude exams and personal interviews with SIU faculty. All have the potential to become excellent physicians.

The resident physicians are graduates of a medical school. They have a MD degree and are enrolled in a specialty training program of three to seven years. Upon successful completion of their training, most will enter private practice.

As a patient at Memorial, your healthcare team may include SIU medical students and resident physicians. With your consent, they will help your private physician take care of you.

Shortly after admission, a student or resident may perform a physical examination and take your medical history. A faculty physician will carefully review the student's findings and discuss recommendations for treatment. Your privacy and confidentiality will not be compromised.