Patients & Visitors

Enhanced Communication

Patients are the most important partners on the healthcare team, which is reinforced through It's OK to Ask. Patients are encouraged to ask questions, provide healthcare providers with information and take an active part in the decisions about their treatment and the care they receive.

Patients are reminded that:

  • They and their doctor should agree on all decisions about their care.
  • Their physician or nurse should identify them by checking their wristband before giving a medication or administering a medical procedure.
  • It's important to tell their nurse or physician if something doesn't feel right.
  • They should find out how a test or treatment that has been ordered will be of help.
  • It's not wise to assume "No news is good news." Patients who take a test should ask about the results.
  • Second opinions may be helpful. Patients should consult with other specialists if they aren't sure about their condition or the best treatment method.
  • Caregivers should have copies of records from any earlier hospital stays of the patient.