Patients & Visitors

It’s OK to Ask

Great health care is a partnership with our patients and their loved ones. We also know that working together requires strong communication. That is why we encourage you to talk with your physicians, nurses and other caregivers about the care you receive.

“It's OK to Ask” means we welcome your questions. It’s OK to Ask about why something is being done. It's OK to Ask for more information about your medical condition. It's OK to Ask for help and become involved as a partner in your medical care. It's also OK to tell us your concerns and special needs.


  • You and your doctor should agree on all decisions about your care.
  • Their physician or nurse should identify you by checking your wristband before giving a medicine or administering a medical procedure.
  • Tell your nurse or physician if something doesn't feel right.
  • It’s OK to ask why a test or treatment has been ordered, and how it will help you.
  • If you have a test and have not received your results, feel free to ask about them.<
  • It’s OK to get a second opinion. If you aren’t sure about your condition, or the best treatment for it, consult with other specialists