Patients & Visitors

What to Bring

  • Personal toiletry articles
  • Slippers
  • Robe, pajamas or gown
  • Glasses, dentures, hearing aid or any other assistive devices you may need
  • List of medications, dosing and schedule, you take on a routine basis
  • Any instructions your doctor may have provided
  • Small amount of cash ($5 or less) on hand to purchase newspapers, magazines or items from the gift cart

Dentures, eyeglasses and other personal belongings should never be left in areas where they could be misplaced or lost. When personal belongings are not in use, they should be placed in bedside storage areas.

Before your procedure, your personal items will be placed in a plastic bag and given to your loved ones. They will return these items when you're assigned to a room after your procedure.

Do Not Bring

  • Jewelry, large amounts of cash or credit cards. If such items are brought to the hospital, you may deposit them in the Security Department and pick them up upon discharge. Valuables may be retrieved by presenting your receipt to Security. It is important to note that Memorial Medical Center cannot be responsible for personal belongings including jewelry, valuables and money during hospitalization.
  • Electrical appliances, such as hair dryers, shaving equipment or radios. We ask this for safety reasons; all electrical equipment in the medical center is specially grounded and checked for the protection of all patients.
  • Medications. Only medications prescribed by your physician while you are in the hospital will be administered. Do not bring medications unless specifically requested by your physician.