Patients & Visitors

Preparing for Surgery

Patients having surgical procedures will be sent to the Pre-Operative Holding Area once the physician and the Operating Room are ready.

Before surgery, a nurse will ask that you sign permission for the procedure. The anesthesiologist will discuss with you the safest kind of anesthetic for you and will answer any questions.

The scheduled time for surgery and the actual time in surgery can vary. Delays or revisions to the Operating Room schedule might change the start time of your surgery.

Depending on your care needs, you may be monitored with a heart monitor, blood pressure device and an oxygen sensor. If you are to receive intravenous (IV) medication, an IV will be started.

At the completion of your procedure, your physician will meet with you or call your family members. If you are having a cardiac catheterization procedure, the cardiologist may not meet with your family until after reviewing the films later the same day.