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After Surgery

Recovery area

After surgery you will be taken to the Recovery Area, known as the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). Your condition will be monitored by a registered nurse and an anesthesiologist. . When you are awake, your family can join you.

If you are staying at the hospital after your surgery…

After you are out of the Recovery Room, you will be transferred to a nursing care unit. Your family will be notifi ed when you are ready to go to your room and they can go with you.

If you are going home the same day as your surgery…

After you have recovered from anesthesia, you will receive your discharge directions and be allowed to go home. After you are discharged, you will not be allowed to drive yourself home. It also is not recommended you take the bus or a taxi alone, so it is important you have arranged for a companion. We also recommend someone stay with you the remainder of the day and the night as you continue to recover. You may not be able to drive for up to a few days after your procedure.

For a complete and speedy recovery, follow all written directions given to you by the hospital and your physician.