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Nominate Your Nurse for the DAISY Award

The DAISY Award is presented to nurses who deliver competent, compassionate care. Recipients are nominated by their colleagues, patients, patient families, and physician partners.

More than 1,575 health care organizations worldwide participate in the DAISY program. The DAISY Award was created by the family of J. Patrick Barnes to honor nursing excellence.

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DAISY Award Nomination Form

Nomination Information

This nomination form is for nurses that work with Memorial Medical Center. For nurses working outside of Memorial Health System, please contact the organization that your nurse works for in order to see if they're taking submissions for Daisy Award nominations. Thank you for your patience.

I verify that the nurse I would like to nominate works for Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, IL

I would like to nominate the following individual as a deserving recipient of The DAISY Award. This nurse's clinical skill and especially her/his compassionate care exemplify the kind of nurse that Memorial patients, their families and staff recognize as an outstanding role model.

Name of Nominee
Please describe a specific situation or story that clearly demonstrates how this nurse made a meaningful difference in your care.
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