Patients & Visitors

Safety at Home

Patients often have special needs after returning home following a hospital stay. There are things patients and caregivers at home can do to make at-home recovery as safe as possible:

  • Stay in contact with your physician or pharmacist. Ask questions and write down the answers - which is easier than trying to remember it all.
  • Family members, friends or neighbors should check in on a regular basis. Make sure they know what signs to look for in case you have any trouble.
  • Install any necessary home health care equipment and supplies (like bed rails and bathroom accessories).
  • Read all operating instructions carefully and use equipment as designed to be used.
  • If you are on oxygen, be extremely careful and never use oxygen near anything that could start a fire. Oxygen can cause a sever fire if exposed to an open flame. Required in the home to prevent the possibility of a severe fire that could result if oxygen is exposed to an open flame.
  • Keep a telephone on you, or near your bed or in the bathroom, for easy access.