Patient Stories


Dougherty Leo

79-Year-Old Aviation Enthusiast is Resuscitated and Receives Life-Saving Heart Care

Springfield resident Leo Dougherty puts his heart into his passion for aviation. When that heart faltered, the staff at Memorial Medical Center helped him get back on his feet.

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Sgt. John Boesdorfer

Law Enforcement Officers Put Mental Health First Aid Skills to Use

More than 400 people have received training in Mental Health First Aid, an eight-hour intensive training that provides the skills and knowledge to refer individuals in distress to the appropriate resources in an effort to avoid a crisis.

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Teen Says Services Saved Her Life

Kylie, a 17-year-old high school senior, began receiving Screening, Assessment, and Supportive Services (SASS) when she was crisis screened by Memorial Behavioral Health. Kylie experienced untreated symptoms of depression and anxiety. But, she avoided hospitalization for her symptoms by engaging in services with a therapist and community-based recovery specialist.

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John Oaks

Lifesaving Heart Procedure Ensures RN Continues to Serve Others

After a stress test showed strain on his heart, John Oaks, RN, underwent a heart procedure resulting in three coronary stents he believes saved his life. Without it, he said, he likely would’ve suffered a massive heart attack within a month.

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Mental Health First Aid Is Making an Impact in Rural Areas

Beth attended a Mental Health First Aid training in her community and is now empowered with the skills and knowledge to refer individuals in distress to the appropriate resources in effort to avoid a crisis situation.

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Malia Smith

Waiting on a Donor, but Not on Life

At age 12, Malia was treated intermittently for concerning symptoms. A year later her kidneys almost completely failed, and she was diagnosed with Lupus. Thanks to her physicians, much of her kidney function was restored and the Lupus remained dormant for nearly ten years. Even with positive results, she knew the damage sustained would eventually land her on the transplant list.

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Donor Spotlight: Kent Dolenc

Kent Dolenc and the Derek Dolenc Memorial Golf Tournament

Local golf tournament, brother create legacy that supports cancer patients

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Grant in Action: Feeding Tube Insertion

Innovative training for clinical staff

Thanks to a grant from the Memorial Medical Center Foundation, our nurses and dietitians are working together to strengthen skills and improve patient safety by using cutting-edge, clinical simulation learning.

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Grant in Action: Baby Newby

Welcome Baby Newby!

Memorial's Family Maternity Suites and the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation have a new member of the family: Baby Newby.

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Grant in Action: Memorial Child Care Nursing Room

Moms and babies benefit from private room

Memorial Child Care now has a dedicated room just for nursing mothers, thanks to a $38,000 grant from Memorial Medical Center Foundation.

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