Patient Stories



Improving Your Quality of Life

Jane enrolled in the Patient Optimization program at Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center to prepare for orthopedic surgery.

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The Patient Optimization Program led to the Best Possible Outcome.

For Tom, learning about healthy eating habits was key to losing weight. When he began the program, his mobility was limited due to pain. He grew to love water exercises, and continues to work out in the pool six days a week.

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Overall Lifestyle Change for the Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center First Patient

Jacob was one of the first patients in the medical weight-loss program at Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center.

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Bariatric surgery helped patient take control of her health

Stress, emotional eating and depression added up to weight gain for Lindsay, who at her heaviest was 399 pounds. But in January 2016, she made the decision to take control of her health with exercise and a nutritious diet.

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Weight-loss surgery proven successful for Lacey

Lacey was a participant in the surgical weight loss program at Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness. She tried many diets and weight-loss techniques over the years, but her successes were short-lived. When she first joined the Weight Loss & Wellness Center, she thought of surgery as an “easy way out.” But after her weight loss plateaued, she agreed to consider it.

Prior to her surgery, a mindful eating class helped change her life by reshaping her emotional relationship

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Melanie Wildhagen

Open Heart Surgery Saved This Kind Woman Who Opens Her Heart

Melanie always had an open heart. A retired school secretary, Melanie spends her days giving back to her community. She is active in her church and runs a food pantry in her hometown of Murrayville. But in the fall of 2017, it was HER heart that needed help.

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An Expert Diagnosis Caught a Defect in Her Infant Heart

Alivia was just a baby when her heart began failing – a condition known as dilated cardiomyopathy. From the time Alivia was born, her parents knew that something was wrong, but thought her eating problems were due to reflux. It was during her six-month check-up when her mom realized it was something much more serious.

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Lance Nagle

A Quick Response Helped This Dad Survive a Heart Attack

For months, Lance ignored the warning signs of an impending heart attack. He would wake up at night with shortness of breath. He would occasionally experience pain in his left arm. Then, one day at work, a normal episode of pain started to snowball out of control.

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Patti Fricke

A Heart Stent Saved This Former Nurse’s Life

Patti was a nurse for over 40 years. She has seen more than her fair share of heart patients. One day, she became one herself. It started when she was on vacation in Mexico and noticed a pain in her chest. 

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Samantha Biel

Heart Surgery Helps a Young Dancer Keep Her Rhythm on Beat

Samantha loved to dance her whole life. She was used to being active, but when she was a freshman in college, she noticed a change in how she felt after rehearsals. But during rehearsals, she started to notice unusual symptoms.

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