Nursing Philosophy


We partner with our patients and families to provide patient-centered care based on the unique physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional needs of each patient. We respect each patient’s right to safe, timely, effective and coordinated care and are committed to protecting their dignity, privacy and confidentiality.


We hold ourselves accountable for the care we provide and for upholding the Memorial Health System standard of excellence at all times. We commit ourselves to continue professional growth through ongoing education and certification and to base our nursing practice on scientific evidence and the highest of professional standards.


We foster collaborative, interdisciplinary relationships tat promote mutual respect and teamwork, strengthen patient care and facilitate smooth care transitions for our patients. We challenge each other to achieve excellence through continuous quality improvement activities.


We utilize creative and innovative approaches to problem-solving and we commit ourselves to continually adopt “best practices” and state-of-the-art technology to improve our daily care processes. We seek to create an environment which encourages the adoption of new ideas and enables individuals to challenge the status quo. We embrace opportunities to contribute to the advancement of the discipline of nursing and to elevate the standards of patient care delivery.


We create a climate that fosters principle-centered, shared leadership and professional growth, autonomy and accountability. We strive for an environment that facilitates the recruitment and retention of the best and brightest care providers. We endorse the work of nursing colleagues to be responsible stewards of resources and to be contributing members of their communities.

Nursing Colleague

We reflect the Memorial Health System values in all we do. Our practices are compassionate, culturally sensitive, evidence-based and outcomes-oriented. We hold ourselves to the highest level of ethical behavior and integrity.


We take pride in our long history of combining compassionate care with the latest medical and technological advances. We commit ourselves to assisting with the development of the next generation of caregivers and to instilling in them the spirit and passion of those who have come before us.