Memorial Medical Center Foundation


Since 1984, the Memorial Medical Center Foundation has distributed more than $10 million in health-related grants.

The Foundation awards grants for health-related projects in three areas: patient care, education and research. The grants are available to central Illinois organizations with 501(c)(3) classifications or educational institutions in communities served by Memorial Health System and whose healthcare missions are aligned with our organization. Grants are not awarded to individuals.

Patient Care

Providing the highest quality patient care is a priority for Memorial Health System. The Foundation supports advances in patient care related services and acquisition of equipment to help ensure the best possible healthcare is provided.


Education plays an integral role in healthcare. Memorial is committed to providing healthcare education by supporting and advancing career development. The Foundation awards grants for educational seminars, conferences, research projects and materials that further educate our workforce to provide for the healthcare needs of our community. Grants are also provided for health-related education for patients, their families and others in our community.


The Foundation has a long history of supporting medical research projects that explore new advances in medicine and enhance patient care. Research projects MUST include a copy of any necessary Institutional Review Board approval as well as any other pertinent authorizations. Failure to do so will result in rejection of the application.