Sharing Wishes Fund

Wishes Granted

Thanks to our generous donors, the Sharing Wishes Fund has granted the wishes of more than 300 hospice patients in central Illinois. Each wish is unique to the individual and offers a bright light during a difficult journey. Every wish – regardless of how much it costs - brings a smile to the recipient’s face and leaves the family with happy memories. Below are some examples of wishes we have granted since the fund’s inception in 2012.

With the help of Memorial Home Services and a special nurse and social worker, Brandie Wright and Belinda Turley pulled off a surprise pool party to celebrate their mom, Sue Turley, 69, a hospice patient. Read more about Sue's story.

May 1, 2015 was designated as "Elmer Well Night" at Lincoln Speedway and thanks to the Sharing Wishes Fund, nearly 100 hot dogs and soft drinks were purchased for attendees through the concession stand. Elmer, a long-time race fan, had the opportunity to drive laps around the racetrack in his 1978 Chevrolet truck.

As their 75th wedding anniversary approached, this local couple wanted to celebrate with close family and friends. Sharing Wishes provided a catered dinner at their home and sent a photographer to capture this special occasion.

Sharing Wishes granted this local man’s wish to take a ride in a Cadillac. After a morning cruise around Lake Springfield, he also took some time to enjoy some ice cream while out and about. Read more about his story.

One local man’s wish was to meet his great-granddaughter who lived out-of-state. His wish was made a reality when Sharing Wishes paid for a flight for family to fly into central Illinois for this special day! An engraved music box was purchased, which he gave to his great-granddaughter.

A simple day-trip to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum was offered to one local woman. She arrived in style by a limousine – ate a quick lunch at a favorite restaurant, and enjoyed her day out with the girls. Read more about her story.

For many patients, spending quality time with family and friends is most important. Countless wishes have been granted by providing dinner to a favorite restaurant, many of which were delivered directly to their home. Dinners include: Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Kentucky Fried Chicken, a family pizza party and various local restaurants. Read more about one family’s special dinner.

Sharing Wishes Holiday Dress

This individual never had a Christmas dress. Sharing Wishes provided money to purchase her a new outfit so she could "look pretty." Read her story.

Sharing Wishes Hot Air Balloon

A local woman always wanted to fly in a hot air balloon. Sharing Wishes made this possible. Read her story.
Photo by Michael Gowin

Sharing Wishes purchased tickets for an individual to see her favorite band "Train" at the Illinois State Fair and provided a rental scooter for the day. Read her story.
Photo courtesy of Cody Bozarth/Jacksonville Journal-Courier

Sharing Wishes provided funds for gas, food and a travel scooter for a family's overnight trip to the St. Louis area.
Read his story.

Who doesn’t love a juicy hamburger and a chocolate shake? For one patient, this was all that was needed to put a big smile on her face. Sharing Wishes made this possible by providing a Steak ‘n Shake gift card so she could have all the hamburgers and shakes she could eat. Read her story.

When you are in your upper 90s, birthdays are always something to celebrate. Sharing Wishes helped a hospice patient celebrate her last birthday with a party complete with family, cake, balloons and a “Happy Birthday” ribbon.

A patient and her partner had been together for several years, but when illness struck, there was a desire to make the relationship something more. With the help of Sharing Wishes, the couple had a spiritual union officiated by one of our hospice chaplains. Sharing Wishes also provided funds for food, beverages, décor, a bouquet of flowers and a plant to serve as a reminder of their love.

A patient’s children were coming from out of town to spend a final Thanksgiving together. Due to financial strains, our patient would not have been able to provide a meal for her family. Sharing Wishes made it possible for the family to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal – complete with turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

For one Army veteran, riding in a helicopter was a life-long dream. Thanks to Sharing Wishes and a generous pilot, the patient finally got his wish a few days before his 82nd birthday. To make the moment even more special, the patient’s two young grandsons took the flight with him and created memories that will last forever.