Design Awards

Thank you to all who contributed to make Festival of Trees such a joyous event for so many people.

Here's a list of last year's Festival of Trees award winners. Visit Memorial's Festival of Trees Facebook page to view photographs.

People's Choice Awards


Showcase 14: Stephanie V. Marcy Interior Design: Designed by Stephanie Marcy-Geyston, Judith Marcy, Sydney Geyston and Lou Marcy

7-Foot Tree

7-foot tree 78: Designed by Judy, Tom, Sarah and Kendra Blalock

4-Foot Tree

4-foot tree 223: Designed by Karen Sunderlin


Wreath 363: Capitol Retirement Village - Beauty Salon: Designed by Roxana Talley


Centerpiece 10: Fifth Street Flower Shop: Designed by Lee Ann, Nicki, Thea and Rose