Employee Giving Campaign - MASH

MASH - Memorial Annually Supports Health

Every year, Memorial Health System employees have the opportunity to make a difference in our organization through philanthropy during the MASH campaign. Whether big or small, the combined gifts have a great impact on Memorial’s employees and the people and communities we serve.

Every Donation Makes a Difference in 2018 

More than $288,600 was raised during our annual employee giving campaign thanks to 953 employees, including 119 first-time donors.

All donations to MASH stay within Memorial Health System. This year, 52 percent of donors restricted their donations to a specific department, unit, fund or affiliate. Here are the totals for the most popular restricted donations:

  • Memorial Behavioral Health: $18,681
  • Nursing Excellence Fund: $15,184
  • Cancer and Breast Cancer Patient Assistance funds: $13,812
  • Sharing Wishes Fund: $9,338
  • SystemCare: $8,651
  • Other restricted funds: $91,982

More than $130,000 was left unrestricted and will be used in 2019 to fund grants awarded by the Memorial Medical Center Foundation to support patient care, education and clinical research throughout Memorial. 

The 2018 campaign, Derby Days of MASH, started May 1 and ended May 31. Photos from MASH donor events can be viewed at

For more information about our annual employee giving campaign, please contact the Memorial Medical Center Foundation at 217-788-4700.

MASH History

In 1989, a group of Memorial employees developed a plan to encourage co-workers to donate money for projects and programs at Memorial Medical Center. This early effort became known as MASH, which now stands for Memorial Annually Supports Health. The annual MASH campaign includes employees who work for Memorial Medical Center, Memorial Physician Services, Memorial Homes Services, Memorial Behavioral Health and Memorial Health System Corporate.

Since the first campaign 29 years ago, Memorial employees have donated more than $5.1 million through MASH to support patient care, education, research and co-workers throughout Memorial Health System.

MASH Funds At Work

By donating to the annual giving campaign, employees improve the lives of patients and co-workers. MASH donors can choose how their gift is used.

Unrestricted MASH Donations

Unrestricted donations provide funding for grants awarded by Memorial Medical Center’s Foundation for patient care, education and research at Memorial Health System’s affiliates. Departments, units and affiliates apply for funding through the Foundation. Click here to access the grant application and guidelines.

Grants funded by unrestricted donations include:

  • The purchase of a maternal patient birthing simulator capable of true-to-life labor and delivery used to enhance the skills of our healthcare workforce
  • Individual diabetes self-management education and diabetes prevention services for community members who do not have insurance coverage for diabetes services
  • The purchase of telehealth equipment to monitor discharged cardiac patients and minimize unneeded visits to the emergency department and hospital readmissions

Restricted MASH Donations

Employees can restrict their MASH donation to a specific fund, department, unit or Memorial affiliate.

Ways departments and units have used their restricted donations include:

  • iPads to use with Volunteer & Community Services’ electronic database
  • Yarn for crocheted hats for newborn patients in Family Maternity Suites
  • Sleeper sofa for Pastoral Care’s newly created consultation/on-call sleep room 
  • Registration fees for educational conferences 

MASH Donor Wall

The MASH Donor Wall, located outside of Memorial Medical Center's cafeteria, recognizes the generous support of employees who have made a donation to the annual campaign. Next time you visit Memorial Medical Center, be sure to take a look at the impressive list of employees who are making a difference within our organization by giving back.

MASH Committee

The annual MASH campaign is coordinated by a committee of employees from participating MHS affiliates. These employees plan and coordinate the campaign events and distribute information.