Employee Giving Campaign - MASH

Every year, Memorial Health System employees have the opportunity to make a difference in our organization through philanthropy during the MASH campaign. Whether big or small, the combined gifts have a great impact on Memorial’s employees and the people and communities we serve.

MASH 2016 Raises Nearly $282,000

Thanks to 887 employees, including 116 first-time donors, Memorial's annual employee giving campaign raised $281,760. All donations given to MASH stay within Memorial. This year, hundreds of employees restricted their donation to a specific department, unit, fund or affiliate. Here are the totals for some of the most popular restricted donations:

  • Sharing Wishes Fund: $11,259
  • Nursing Excellence Fund: $14,012
  • Cancer Patient Assistance Fund: $16,265
  • Memorial Behavioral Health: $16,510
  • SystemCare: $17,101
  • Other restricted funds: $75,998

More than $130,000 was left unrestricted and will be used in 2017 to fund grants awarded by the Foundation to support patient care, education and clinical research throughout Memorial Health System. The 2016 campaign, MASH Wars, started April 18 and ended May 15. Visit the Foundation's Facebook page to see pictures from our donor events.

MASH History

In 1989, a group of Memorial employees developed a plan to encourage co-workers to donate money for projects and programs at Memorial Medical Center. This early effort became known as MASH, which now stands for Memorial Annually Supports Health. The annual MASH campaign includes employees who work for Memorial Medical Center, Memorial Physician Services, Memorial Homes Services, Memorial Behavioral Health and Memorial Health System Corporate.

Since the first campaign 27 years ago, Memorial employees have donated more than $4.5 million through MASH to support patient care, education, research and co-workers throughout Memorial Health System.

MASH Funds At Work

By donating to the annual giving campaign, employees can improve the lives of patients and co-workers. MASH emphasizes donor choice, so employees decide how their gift is used. Donations to MASH can be unrestricted or restricted.

Unrestricted MASH Donations

Unrestricted donations are used where the need is greatest and help Memorial Medical Center’s Foundation provide grants for patient care, education and research throughout Memorial Health System’s affiliates. Departments, units and affiliates with specific needs may apply for funding through the Foundation. Click here to access the grant applications and guidelines.

Some recent examples of grants include:

  • Funding to obtain recognition from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a diabetes prevention recognition program and develop a community-based program to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes through lifestyle changes
  • A conference about quality and safety issues that impact patient outcomes and enhance critical thinking of clinical employees
  • The purchase of four iPads and related equipment to educate patients and families about managing heart failure
  • Boogie Board eWriters for staff on 2G
  • WhiteCoat Clipboards for 5B healthcare providers
  • Education materials for cardiopulmonary rehab patients
  • Licensing exam fees and registration and travel expenses for education conferences

Restricted MASH Donations

If employees choose to restrict their MASH donation, they can specify their gift for one of the following: a department, unit, fund or Memorial affiliate such as Memorial Behavioral Health.

Some examples of how restricted MASH funds have been spent include:

  • Sir Koff A Lot bears for patients to use after open heart surgery.
  • Registration fees for educational conferences.
  • Providing financial assistance to patients of Memorial's Regional Cancer Center with limited resources.
  • Helping a co-worker experiencing severe financial strain as a result of a tragic event.

MASH Donor Wall

The MASH Donor Wall, located outside of Memorial Medical Center's cafeteria, recognizes the generous support of employees who have made a donation to the annual campaign. Next time you visit Memorial Medical Center, be sure to take a look at the impressive list of employees who are making a difference within our organization by giving back.

MASH Committee

The annual MASH campaign is coordinated by a committee of employees who represent a cross-section of participating Memorial Health System affiliates. These employees volunteer their time to plan the events during the one-month campaign and make presentations to educate their co-workers about MASH.

For more information about our annual employee giving campaign, please contact the Memorial Medical Center Foundation at 217-788-4700.