Super Survivors

Every year since 2011 at Memorial's Be Aware Women's Fair, we honor three women from central Illinois whose cancer journey has been an inspiration to others as Super Survivors. 

The Super Survivors receive a full makeover, including:

  • A visit to BJ Grand Salon & Spa the day before and on the morning of the Be Aware Women's Fair
  • Free admission to the fair
  • A new outfit to unveil on the day of the event
  • Other gifts
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Previous Super Survivors

2015: Lisa Woods, Christina Nation, Becca Moots
2014: Shauna Becker, Barb Reynolds and Sue Fagan
2013: Kristan Becker Hoffman, Angela Moore and Vicki Simmons
2012: Becky Daugherty, Jennifer Finley and Angie Daniels
2011: Rochelle Green, Deborah Williamson, Missy Miller