Cancer Rehabilitation

Oncology Rehab Program

In recent years, there has been much talk about survivorship as a distinct phase of cancer care and the importance of providing each patient with a survivorship care plan. At Memorial Medical Center, we are committed to offering the best available survivorship services.

This is why we have implemented the Oncology Rehab Program and trained our staff in the latest oncology rehab care and research-based protocols that have been proven to help cancer survivors optimally heal and function.

Comprehensive care covered by health insurance

Combining the clinical expertise of staff from our Regional Cancer Center and Memorial Rehab Services, we are uniquely qualified to offer premium oncology rehabilitation services to cancer survivors undergoing treatment or living with its aftermath. Our program has been created to help survivors physically and emotionally heal from the side effects of treatment. We provide our patients with the most comprehensive rehabilitation care available, and all of our services are reimbursable by health insurance providers. Having access to world-class follow-up care, without added medical costs, will allow survivors to regain their health and get their lives back on track.

Helping you reach optimal recovery

A cancer diagnosis can be traumatic, and so can life-saving treatments. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery can cause side effects that interfere with daily function and well-being. Survivors are commonly plagued with symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, insomnia, memory loss, fear, anxiety and depression.

The Memorial Medical Center Oncology Rehab Program offers important physical and psychological rehabilitation to survivors so they can recover more quickly and more completely than they would otherwise. Feeling well and being able to resume normal day-to-day activities is essential to enjoying a good quality of life for survivors and their families.

Open to all survivors in need

We serve all survivors in need, whether they are beginning treatment or experiencing late effects or unresolved issues from long-ago treatment. Our program is open to everyone, no matter the prognosis, cancer stage or phase of recovery. Newly diagnosed patients may want to increase their strength and endurance and prevent future medical problems; survivors living with cancer as a chronic disease may come to us for help managing treatment-related conditions; and individuals who are cured or in remission may enroll in our program with the goal of boosting their immune systems so that they can heal as well as possible.

Highly trained care team

Our rehabilitation care, based on conventional medicine, is offered to patients by a knowledgeable and sensitive medical staff, specially trained to treat survivors of all forms of cancer. They are medical experts at the top of their fields and represent a variety of disciplines:

  • Physicians
  • Oncology certified nurses
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech and swallowing therapists
  • Registered dietitians and nutritionists
  • Mental health professionals
Big picture approach to your needs

Rather than taking a problem-oriented approach and tackling each health issue as it arises, we address the full spectrum of post-cancer care. When evaluating a patient, in addition to focusing on his or her health conditions and symptoms, we take into consideration diet, sleep issues, existing pain, endurance, strength, exercise habits and emotional outlook. All of these factors have an important effect on physical healing.

Personalized rehab plan with an interdisciplinary approach

After undergoing a thorough evaluation by a physician, a team of medical specialists is assigned to each patient, according to his or her individual needs. The healthcare team creates a personalized rehabilitation plan, with the goals of increasing strength and energy, alleviating pain, improving physical functioning, achieving emotional balance and boosting the immune system. Each team member provides his or her expert medical guidance, training, encouragement and support for the duration of the program.

For more information, please review our list of Frequently Asked Questions.