Cancer Nurse Navigator

Answering Your Questions

You’ve learned that you have cancer, but you may have questions. That’s where Memorial Medical Center’s cancer patient navigators come in. From your time of diagnosis, until your therapy is complete, our cancer patient navigators are with you on the journey.

How Our Navigators Help You

Our cancer patient navigators will guide you through this journey with one-on-one support, ensuring you receive seamless and coordinated care. Our navigators will:

  • Work with your doctor and all members of your healthcare team
  • Provide you with information and education so you can make informed decisions about your treatment
  • Help you to communicate with your healthcare team
  • Link you to available community support services

Easing the Burden

Our cancer patient navigators’ primary responsibilities are to ease the burdens on you and your family and to help coordinate the efforts of your medical team. We understand this is a difficult, confusing and anxious time in your life. Our navigators will help to reduce or eliminate any barriers to your cancer care and will provide the education, encouragement and emotional support you need. Our navigators are available to:

  • Guide you through the medical experience
  • Provide emotional support during a stressful time
  • Help you with insurance issues
  • Help you find accurate information to make informed decisions
  • Support you through the healthcare system during treatment and further testing required
  • Explore transportation, work, financial or other concerns you may have and connect you with the appropriate resources and support
  • Help you find the answers to your questions
Call 217-757-7370 to contact Memorial’s cancer patient navigators.