Magnet Designation

Memorial Medical Center is an Illinois Magent  Hospital. Only 3% in the U.S. hospitals achieve three times

Magnet Recognition Logo - Memorial Medical Center Magent HospitalMagnet designation is the highest level of national recognition a hospital can receive for professional nursing services. Memorial Medical Center has received Magnet® recognition three times, first in 2006, then again in 2011 and its third designation in 2016. Hospital Magnet designation is accepted nationally as the gold standard for hospital nursing care and provides health care consumers with a benchmark to measure the quality of nursing care provided by a hospital. Only an estimated 7% of the nation’s hospitals have achieved Magnet status.

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) developed the Magnet Recognition Program® in 1990 to recognize hospitals that provide the best nursing care and support professional nursing practice. Currently there are less than 440 organizations around the world that hold the prestigious Magnet designation.

How a Hospital Earns Magnet Status

Memorial earned Magnet status after undergoing an extensive review and systematic evaluation of our nursing practices and outcomes by the ANCC. The process is thorough and lengthy, taking approximately 12 months to complete. It includes comprehensive reviews of compliance with over 100 Magnet standards, as well as on-site interviews with our staff, physicians, patients and community members. Magnet hospitals must continue to pass annual reviews by the ANCC as a part of their four-year designation.

Magnet Components

The five Magnet Model Components of the Magnet Recognition Program include:

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Structural Empowerment Exemplary
  • Professional Practice
  • New Knowledge, Innovation & Improvements
  • Empirical Quality Results

Great Nurses are Magnet Nurses

Research indicates that Magnet hospitals consistently outperform their peers in recruiting and retaining nurses, which enables them to provide consistently high quality care. Magnet hospitals encourage and support continuing education and professional growth and maintain a strong culture of professional collaboration and cooperation among nurses, physicians and allied health professionals which enhances patient safety and improves outcomes.

Why Magnet Matters to the Community

Research shows that Magnet hospitals have better patient care outcomes. A Magnet hospital creates an environment that empowers its nurses, values their contributions, and supports nursing leadership. We continually look for better ways to do things, introduce new technologies, and apply evidence-based research to raise the bar of nursing excellence – not for our benefit as a hospital, but for the benefit of our patients

As a patient at a Magnet hospital, you should expect:

  • Lower mortality rates
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Increased patient safety practices
  • Access to technological advancements in health care
  • Increased satisfaction and confidence levels
  • Increased attraction and retention of outstanding nurses

“The Magnet® Recognition Program provides consumers with the ultimate benchmark to measure the quality of care they can expect to receive.” - Joint Commission