Community Benefit Programs

Community Benefit Programs

Here are just a few of the many ways that Memorial contributes back to the community.

Memorial Medical Center offers support groups for people dealing with various health issues, including diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, stroke, brain and spinal cord injury, paralysis, asthma and those who have undergone bariatric surgery procedures. These groups offer education and ongoing support to group members and their families. Additional information on support groups and classes can be obtained by viewing our online calendar.

Having a baby is a wonderful yet bewildering experience. Parents are excited about an addition to the family but have many questions and concerns about the preparations necessary to care for a newborn. Memorial's Family Maternity Suites offers free classes for new parents on infant safety, breastfeeding, crying, as well as education for new dads, grandparents and big brothers and sisters. Read more about our educational offerings. For additional information, view our online calendar.

The inability to pay for prescription medications is a major health issue in our community. Last year, Memorial Medical Center paid for more than $50,000 in prescriptions for patients who were unable purchase their medication following discharge from the hospital or emergency department. Memorial also provides regular monthly support for Kumler Outreach Ministries, which helps low income people with chronic health conditions work through the challenging application process required by pharmaceutical companies to be eligible for ongoing medication assistance programs.

A number of programs involve community outreach.  In collaboration with SIU Center for Family Medicine and HSHS St. John's Hospital, a community health worker program is increasing access to care and addressing social determinants of health for residents in Springfield's Enos Park Neighborhood.  In FY2017, Memorial supported Mental Health First Aid in four central Illinois counties, resulting in training of 795 community members.  Memorial is also supporting the MOSAIC project, which allows Memorial Behavioral Health to work closely with local schools to provide children's mental health services within the school setting.

Memorial is active in clinical research. Annually, the Regional Cancer Center serves as a clinical site for approximately 475 approved clinical research projects conducted by medical staff members. Access for central Illinois residents to clinical trials can offer treatment options that would otherwise be unavailable.

Memorial Medical Center's nurses are active in developing our own clinical research projects to improve patient care. Over the past several years results from this research have benefited not only our patients but patients at other hospitals as well.

Memorial works closely with two Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) to provide inpatient and outpatient care to uninsured and underinsured individuals. Patients from SIU School of Medicine's Center for Family Medicine and Central Counties Health Center benefit from this collaboration. Memorial paid for a $16 million expansion of the Center for Family Medicine Clinic to increase access to healthcare for additional low-income and vulnerable residents.

Health Professions Education is another category of community benefit. SIU School of Medicine, and the physicians it has trained over the years, have dramatically increased access to top-quality health care services in central Illinois. Memorial Medical Center serves as a teaching hospital for SIU School of Medicine and every year offers millions of dollars in support for the school. We also serve as a clinical training site for hundreds of student nurses, radiology technicians, lab technicians, physical therapists and many other health care professions. We will continue this support in order to ensure that the next generation of well-trained healthcare providers will be here to serve our communities.

Additional Information

If you would like additional information on Memorial's Community Benefit Programs, please contact Memorial's Community Benefit Coordinator at 217-788-3374, or contact us.