Community Benefit Expenditures

Memorial Health System 

Fiscal 2014 Community Benefit Commitment: Nearly $88.3 million

Memorial Health System provided more than $140 million in unreimbursed services to the people and communities we serve for the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, 2014; nearly $83.3 million of this counted as community benefit.

Memorial Health System cares for those who are poor and underserved, regardless of their ability to pay for that care. Last year we provided $14.4 million n free care to our patients, relieving them of a financial burden they otherwise could not meet. Another community benefit was the $42.9 million unpaid government costs to provide care for patients insured by Medicaid. An additional $30 million supported health professions education, clinical research, donations, and community health improvement initiatives.

In addition to these community benefits, MHS had other unreimbursed expenses of $52.4 million. This included $37 million for patients insured by Medicare that was not reimbursed by the government; other unpaid patient bills totaled $15.4 million. In total, unreimbursed services represent 17.7 percent of the health system’s total expenses of more than $792.7 million.

  • Specifically, Memorial Medical Center returned $64 million in community benefits, which included $24.8 million in unpaid Medicaid costs. Traditional charity care and support of patients from Federally Qualified Health Centers totaled $10.8 million. Remaining community benefit dollars totaled $28.4 million.
  • Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital provided $7.3 million in community benefits to the citizens of Logan and eastern Mason counties; that total includes $6 million in unpaid Medicaid costs, $1.2 million in traditional charity care and $141,000 to fund other health activities.
  • Taylorville Memorial Hospital gave back nearly $6.1 million in community benefits; this amount includes nearly $4.7 million in unpaid Medicaid costs, more than $1.3 million in traditional charity care and $93,000 to fund other community services.
  • Passavant Area Hospital joined MHS in April 2014. For its entire FY14, PAH’s community benefits totaled $9.4 million, including traditional charity care of $2.3 million; $7 million in unpaid Medicaid and $105,000 in other community programs. After affiliating with MHS, $4.1 million of PAH’s $9.4 million community benefit total took place in the last six months of FY14.
  • Additional community benefits totaling nearly $6.8 million came from the health system’s three other affiliates, Memorial Health Ventures, a non-profit subsidiary, and Memorial Health System. The total community benefits provided by each were:
    • $1.7 million from Memorial Physician Services;
    • $887,000 from Memorial Home Services;
    • $85,000 from Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois;
    • $2.1 million from Memorial Health Ventures; and
    • 2 million from Memorial Health System
    • $2.0 million from Memorial Health Ventures; and
    • $2 million from Memorial Health System.

Additional Information

If you would like additional information on Memorial's Community Benefit Programs, please contact Memorial's Community Benefit Coordinator at (217) 788-7014, or email us.