How It Works

Congratulations! You’ve already taken the first step toward a better, healthier lifestyle just by looking into a program that will help you get healthy. Your next step is to Get Started by registering for an account and filling out our online pre-screening form or contact us at (866) 205–7915 with questions.

We have insurance specialists on staff, ready to provide assistance with any of your insurance or billing questions.

Our weight-loss experts will work with you to complete an initial Global Health Assessment (GHA), which is customized just for your specific needs.

What is a Global Health Assessment?

  • Medical assessment and follow-up appointment, to assess your current body mass index and other body measurements and any medical conditions related to your weight, as well as a risk assessment for co-morbidities, including high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, diabetes, some cancers, etc.;
  • Diagnostic testing, which may include a laboratory work-up, EKG, sleep study and cancer screenings;
  • Nutrition assessment, to analyze current nutritional health, metabolism and body composition;
  • Physical assessment, to look at cardiopulmonary health, muscle strength, flexibility, mobility and balance;
  • Lifestyle assessment, to assess current lifestyle, identify your specific barriers to weight loss and provide self-management tools to monitor your progress and develop healthy coping skills.

What happens after the GHA?

Once completed, our physician-led, multidisciplinary team will provide you with a comprehensive health analysis document that summarizes the findings from the GHA.

From there, this team will collaborate with you in the development of a Customized Treatment Plan to address the needs identified by the GHA and health goals to strive toward. Treatment plans utilize a variety of services available throughout Memorial Health System.

As you continue your program with the Weight Loss & Wellness Center, you will be monitored by our physician-led, multidisciplinary team as they examine a variety of factors necessary to your health, such as:

  • the effectiveness of your personalized treatment plan
  • your personal satisfaction
  • your health status
  • your quality of life improvement
  • potential updates or modifications to your personalized treatment plan